Welcome to the world of OERTLI-Tooling! We manufacture world class machine tools, ranging from simple profile cutters to the very complex tooling systems used for the manufacture of windows and doors.

The company as gained a worldwide reputation for its competent technical support and for its exceptional design and manufacture capabilities of machine and application specific tooling systems that deliver top performance. In our tooling catalog you find a complete range of standard products that are available from stock.

Besides service facilities distributed though out Europe in various locations. A network of seven independent OERTLI subsidiaries, and numerous partner organizations are available to our customers and build the foundation of our strong OERTLI Team.


OERTLI Connect - Haunched mortise and tenon corner joint
The haunched mortise and tenon joint has a long track record in furniture construction. For windows, this new composition gives a highly stable corner joint which can be milled efficiently and cost-effectively at most CNC machining centres. For more information, please see our brochure.

SPRINT DP Universal Cutter MAN
Because of its large shear cut angle, the DP-Sprint universal cutter is eminently suitable for jointing in solid wood and for double-sided laminated or melamine-coated boards of all kinds. The DP-Sprint is just as impressive when used as a rebating cutter for solid wood and panel materials. For more information, please see our brochure.

DP SPRINT Jointing Cutter
The DP jointing cutter features a spiral, symmetrical knife configuration with a continuous Z3 tip arrangement. A chip protector is incorporated to protect the knife edges from flying chips. The polished cutting face gives optimum chip ejection and thereby extends tool life even further. For more information, please see our brochure.







The new generation window tools HPC
OERTLI has achieved a quantum leap in its high performance tools. The new generation of HPC (High Performance Cutting) tools enables users to achieve even better performance, optimum surface quality and higher efficiency. For more information, please see our brochure.